When They Are Mine

I must admit pictures of other men wearing panties don't do much for me. (I wonder how I will react when my Mistress has me use my hands or **** mouth on another man's pantie covered **** - but that's a digression)

However, even though it's embarrassing I also find it arousing to show others, women especially, that I wear panties. The biggest portion of my photo albums on EP is devoted to me wearing panties (and bras - even more embarrassing AND more arousing). I have not hesitated to be "caught" (caught - HA - not when I do it deliberately) wearing or even putting on the sexy female undies. I am such a ****.

These are MistressP's favorite, although I cannot speak to my choice of  photos of them

Close-up of the panties: The rear is really cute. Below the lacing the strap is actually two thin cords inviting spreading and access to my butt hole. Lately, I haven't been wearing any panties at all, these were the last I did wear and are still hanging where I put them to dry when I washed them. I thought I would add a photo illistrating the double back strap.

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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

i like the pic but am like you love to wear also love trains as to add you

I added a picture illustrating the double butt strap.

Yes, Mistress, Thank You. I hope You really know how much I appreciale being Your slutty slave

Very nice, sweet slave. I'm particularly fond of the dual string design. While it's possible to **** someone who is wearing a G-string, it can be a pain for both parties. The dual string design does offer total access, with none of the problems that occur with the single string. <br />
<br />
I knew I liked these panties for a reason.