My Merry Christmas

Ya might know that my guy, Billy, came over for the whole weekend of Christmas this past weekend and then we all got snowed in. That gave me an extra day to play with Billy.
He got there Christmas Eve and I was so excited that I was a ready to jump him as he come in the house. I knew he was a wearing something special for me but he's a bit shy so I always gotta go slow with him at first.
I fixed him a drink and he sit on down and I leaned on the arm of the chair and made small talk. I was wearing a mini skirt, which I know Billy just loves my mini skirts, and it was a showing off my garters at the top of them stockings. He was kinda watching that as I sorta squirmed on the chair as we talked. I got up to get 'em another drink and sat right back down, hiking up my skirt a bit more.
Then I started telling 'im how glad I was that he was here and that I was real excited and he asked me if I was as horny as he were. I just slid down that chair and knelt before 'em and said I was so sorry he was a horny and I was gonna fix that sorta.
I undid his belt and popped his button as I zipped his pants down, he was a wearing a panty with his big 'ol **** getting hard in 'em. I leaned my face into his panties and I just smelled sex and *** and his smell. I started to kiss his panties and then I licked his big 'ol **** which was straining the panties now so I just lifted the elastic waist band and let his big **** slid up towards his belly button. Billys **** goes way past his belly button when he's a hard like real hard. It just excites the hell outta me.
I couldn't hold back no more and I took that big 'ol nob of a **** head in my mouth and sucked on it like a girl sucking her thumb.Then I started bobbing up and down on his ****, pulling his panties more aside. I can only get so much of his ***** in my mouth but I get more then enough to get 'im rock hard. He was so stiff his big 'ol **** was taking both of my hands to hold on to it as I sucked him.
I was jackin his **** too as I sucked that **** and before long i got the first of many mouthfuls of his ***** squirting out and shooting into me. He was really horny as he squirted so much ***** I had to let so much dribble outta the side of my mouth but I kept on sucking **** because I just love his big **** and them sexy panties he was a wearing.
I told him how much I loved that as I helped him get his clothes off, 'cept for those sexy panties and I sat on his lap kissing his chest working my way to his neck. His hands started to feel under my skirt as he finally found my little panties and started to rub my crotch. I just about humped his hand as he got up and carried me to the couch. he laid me down and lifted my skirt, then he pulled my panties to the side.
He got his big old **** stick back out of his panties as I grabbed that **** and made sure he was hard again and brought it down to my box and started to rub my **** with his nob. I was a good and wet and I just let it slide into me past my panties and soon he was almost all in me. I grabbed him around the neck and told 'em to **** me and do it hard as he started to pump me full of **** as I lifted my legs and *** off the couch so he could pump me full of big ****. He did in no time and I was having my first ****** and was holding on to his panties on his butt as I pumped his *** so he'd a pump me with ****.
I surely did *** a few times before he squirted his ***** into me and just kept pumping that big hard **** into my little hole. I was so happy Billy was ******* me like this, it was so hot and sexy. When he stopped he just laid on me as I played with those panties covering his butt and rocking on his **** inside me. Wow, that was fun and we got lots more time too.
I had my panties on over my garterbelt so I could change panties when ever i wanted to and this seemed like a good time with all that ***** dripping into my panties. Somehow I pulled myself away from my man as he rested that big 'ol ****** of his and I went to my bedroom to change into some crotchless panties for a real hard ****. Crotchless panties drive Billy wild and I knew I wanted him to **** a whole bunch more before the day was done.
I dropped my mini skirt and top so i was just in my lingerie but I pulled on a slinky robe and went back to the parlor where Billy was. I made sure my booties made a lot a noise on the wood floors as i kinda stomped back thata way.
I went over to the Christmas tree and I got a present I had for him and told him to unwrap it. He did and opened the box to find a new pair of panties I got him to wear. Real sexy like panties, all see through and sheer and just made me wanna srceam because I knew I'd a be grabbing them panties soon as he ****** me again.
He got on up and took off his panties as i stared at big **** of his as it was getting a ***** and he pulled his panties up and tucked his big ***** into 'em.
I just laid there almost stunned as I looked at them panties get pulled all over by his big ****, it was so exciting.
I untied my robe and let it fall to the floor as I just spread my legs for Billy to see them crotchless panties i was a wearing and he just stopped fixing his panties and starred into my eyes. His **** just kept getting bigger and bigger and I grabbed them panties by the elastic waist and pulled him towards me. I spread my legs as far as they would go and he slid right between 'em as I pulled his panties down so that big **** could get in my hole and **** me.
He just slid into me and started to **** me but not like before. This time he was ******' me real hard and he just was ******* that **** of his like a piston into my *****. I took a ******' pounding from that **** and he just kept on ******' like he didn't know nothing else.
I had both my hands on them sexy panties on his *** as he ****** and pumped me full of ****.
I lost track of how many times that huge thing made me scream and ****** but it was a lot a times as he ****** me. I just held on for dear life as that big **** ****** me.
He finally gave a grunt and squirted his third load of ***** for the day as I just laid there grabbing him as my man filled me with his *****. I was so ****** by him I was ****** out for awhile. I just stayed there with his big ol' **** inside me as I rubbed his panties and I asked him if he liked his new panties. he was just moaning and kissing me and licking me and I felt so loved and sexy and well ******. His **** still felt hard and soon he started to pump his **** again as I pulled his big balls from inside his panties and played with 'em. He was going to **** me again just like that and he had a ***** and i was a back to holding on to his panties as he ****** me but good for another time.
This was only the beginning of our holiday together, Billy had barely been there for two hours as he started to **** me again. He may be shy at first but he is one really nasty ****** when he gets into panties and I spread my crotchless panties for him. I'll try to get more of our weekend together on this here as I won't see Billy 'till Friday this a week and I is horny already. And he just left last night.
I'm addicked and I love it.
More soon, and I hope ya got what ya wanted from Santy, I did.


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Bliss BobbyJo..pure bliss.