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On vacation in Mex I was about to go out to the resort office when my wife realized a mistake. When I asked for my clothes she handed me a jeans skirt and a pair of panties. Suffice to say I wore them for a while till mine were out of the drier. Only one guy really looked, he just shrugged and went on, no one else noticed or cared. When mine were dry I put on a t-shirt and jeans, handing the skirt back to my wife But the panties I kept on. WoW, I was hooked by the feel. Way better than anything I had in my drawer. Softer, no seams and fit better. That was it, its been panties ever since.
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

ever see a man in a c string thong?

Forgot to say mine were all in the wash across the plaza.