Bulges In Panties

I love seeing men wearing sexy panties. I really love seeing the bulges of their ***** inside the thin material. I don't know why it turns me on, but to see a man's **** straining inside a pair of panties is so arousing. I myself wear panties and love seeing my hard **** straining inside. I rub myself through the material of my panties and shoot a large load of *** in them. I take them off and lick the *** and swallow my own creamy juices. The sight of a man's **** inside panties is so erotic.

BarbieB BarbieB 56-60, M 53 Responses Dec 23, 2008

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*Moans loudly*
Oooh I LOVE that SOOO much ;)

I've not done panties but I have a few pair of the bikini briefs like I have on in my pics in a silky material and they feel great! Especially after shaving. Unfortunately, I'm not a big penis is only 4.5 inches hard, about 2 inches soft so the bulge isn't quite as big.

I would love to see it ;)

I so agree with you. Watching my **** disappear inside a pair of pretty lacy panties makes me feel I am leaving masculinity behind. Seeing my manhood held tight behind girly pink lace just shows the inevitable strength of femininity above masculinity.

Wow you also get excited by wearing panties. It is great to know I am not alone

I have a nice selection of pics of me in girly panties, I would love you to look at them, please reply and I will put you on my friends list!

Omg. You got me going with that, precum is already soaking through. Yummy!

I totally agree too!

I couldn't agree more with you.

I agree.

We gurls like seeing bulges. In panties is even better

Message me ;)

Awesome I do the same thing

I love your attitude. I don't know how a man cannot get a hard-on while wearing panties. I do. You are right, the soft smooth material feels great. Way better than the primative, uncomfortable undies they now make for men.

I love to see my hard **** in panties and think a **** leaI also find it a turn on to lick my *** out of my lingerieking *** thru pantie is hot and erotic

I couldn't agree more I would love to see your hard ****straining inside some sheer, silky, lacy, white panties, with a spreading pre*** stain and watching your hard **** pulseing and twitching **** , maybe rubbing my own panty covered **** against yours. What fun. Debbie

I am more than happy to show you my pictures of me in panties.

You have a nice pic, but I would like to see a lot more

Would love to see some. : )


I would be more than happy to model some for you!!!!!!

Would love to see you wearing panties. : )

I would love to lick your panties too Barbie xx

Wish you would. : )

I have been wearing panties and knickers since I was 14 and I am now in my sixties. I adore the sensual feel of them and so does my new partner. She not only accepts that I enjoy wearing them, as she does, and loves to have sexy activities with me when I am wearing them. Lov e to see others wearing them too.<br />

I agree - there is nothing hotter than a man with a nice sized buldge in his panties.

I love the sight of a **** in panties! It makes me hard instantly!

a girlfriend of mine took me to lingerie store, had the girl there help pick out the black panties in my pics.. we **** soo good that night! <br />
<br />
i'd do it for you, model them let u own me! he ehee

mm maybe it's time to taste anothers ***,,, pulled from satin panties and sucked till the reward ****,,,mmmmmm


I would luv to swap panties with you ,let me know.

I love it

Yep, As all of you have said You just gotta love a hard one in panties!! I love to see my bulging **** from the side through tight panties. And if there's a little precum soaking through, all the better!

sweetsissyd is so right to do it nice and slow is the ultiment turnon

when we make love, she loves to dress me in silks panties dresses, and our love making is so intense and enjoyable!!!!

I guess I'm going to have to see if I can find a pantie friend on craigs list and have some fun. This is too much. Anyone Seattle?

I am so very with all of these comments, exactly what makes me hot too. It makes me think what it would be like if a few of us got together and just enjoyed wearing panties, getting hard, seeing each other, feeling each other a little.