she likes men in panties

well it happen one nite. my gf and i was haveing some fun.she ask me to put on her panties. she fall in love with me in her she want's too have me in panties 24/7. she has even wanted too see me in tights and leotards. i feel like a cross dresser.but if it keeps her happy. it's ok by me. the sex is great and so is she are there any other men like me out there?

usnavydad usnavydad
6 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Well, there are certainly men who wear panties but not many of them can say that their wife or girlfriend encourages it.

i envy you . for haveing a girl who likes you in panties .. but in tights and leotareds YES. i love wearing tights and leotards my self

Your a very lucky woMEN, and I'm sure many woMEN envy you

i wear panties and my wife has bought me some, sheindulges me even though she says she does not like it

That's pretty much my fantasy

Of course there are, most are called crossdressers, like me, I wear panties 24/7 cause I don't own any men's tighty-whitey and wouldn't wear them if I had them. You will be the same. ENJOY