Asian Wife Loves Her First Big Black **** Experience...


This is also a fictional story, but its a story perhaps my wife can write one day (I hope soon) as a factual story. Here is her (fictional)  story... 

My [white] husband asked me to tell of my first experience with black lovers. I think conclusions are premature after just the first time with a black men, but since he wanted me to tell about it, here goes. It was a night of many firsts for me: my first black man; my first big *****; my first ******** -- and it was all good. Very good.

 The evening began at this nice club.  I had a few drinks to loosen me up. I was a little nervous in anticipation of what I was about to do. I wore a really sexy outfit that my husband likes -- a short miniskirt with no underwear. Low cut top showing off my titts.

The music was great; the people friendly; the environment clean and high class. It was almost all white couples and black men and there was lots of dancing, flirting and making out.  I noticed that the white women there seemed to lust after the young black men. There were many white wives making out with black men on the dance floor and at the tables.

I must have looked pretty good because lots of men came on to me.  I love to dance and I danced a lot. I love dancing with black men; they are such good dancers. Of course, on slow dances the men liked to feel me off while we danced. That took some getting used to for me, but after a while I just went with it. After all, my husband has brought me there to get laid and this was part of the preliminaries.  As I danced with them they were grinding their big ***** against me and feeling my ***. The men seemed to love it when they discovered I didn't have on any panties. I could feel their huge ***** against me as we danced.  They all had big hard-ons.

I made out with many of my partners on the dance floor and invited the best looking ones to our table. I let the men finger me and make out with me at the table. I guess I am a bit of an exhibitionist.  I love having sex in public.

My husband was enjoying watching it all and I was getting pretty hot.  My husband told me I could pick out two men to go back to the hotel room with us. I picked out two young, muscular, athletic looking black men. They were cute and I was pretty excited. And I am always horny when I drink and I had drunk a lot for me. I was real horny and wet.

We went to the hotel and I began making out with the two good looking black men. They were young and well built with hard, athletic bodies. My husband sat down with a drink and watched us. I was on the bed with the two men.

I was both scared and excited too. I had never had sex with a man I'd just met before; now I was going to have sex with two men I'd just met.

I was glad my husband was there; it made me feel safer.

I sucked both of them, then one began to **** me while I sucked the other one. They took turns with me. I would suck one while getting ****** by the other and then they would switch off. At all times I had one big black **** in my mouth and another one in my *****. They were both very big, each of their ***** was almost twice as big as my husband's and they had tremendous stamina.  

They ****** me almost four hours before I finally had had enough and then they went home. I came several times with them. Afterward, my husband and I made love then slept in pretty late.

My husband loved watching these men with me. Now he's already making plans for another such night.  

Now that my husband has gotten me started, I think I want to regularly have sex with black men. But even though I love the sex but I don't want to lose my family over it.  If I snuck off on my own with a guy (and I guess it would be easy now), I know he wouldn't like it. I am lucky that he has given his blessings to me ******* black men.  I don't have to sneak around like some of my friends.

For this to work I think it has to be with my husband's approval and participation. As long as he feels a part of it and enjoys it in some way then it should be good. But if I start making love with men without his knowledge and approval I think that is when trouble would start in our marriage.

Sure, these black men are younger and have much bigger ***** than my husband and can **** much longer but I know my husband and I have something special. I have a wonderful marriage.  Being able to **** these black men is just the "cherry on top."

I feel, if this continues to work for both of us, then then it's good.  Its good for all concerned. My husband is happy.  My black lovers are happy.  I think I am the happiest of all.

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