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This is fiction but it is based upon a conversation I had with an Asian woman (I was seeking support for my wife to "go black") so I suppose its more hearsay than fiction...   What she told me: I am a Chinese woman (from Hong Kong) married an older white American.  He is a medical doctor, very smart and successful. We get along well, have two beautiful children, and we are well off financially.

My husband has never had what I would call a strong sexual drive, and as he got older it fell off even more.  Eventually, he seldom wanted intercourse, although he would want oral sex occasionally.

Although I have a strong sexual drive, I adjusted.  I involved myself with my family and other interests. I had my vibrator (my husband liked to watch me "play" with myself) and I managed.  

A little over two years ago, when my husband was 57 and I was 31, he brought up the idea of watching me have sex with black men. I guess he heard that other men were doing that.

I said I would think about  it.  When I investigated I found that this was far more prevalent than I had thought. I had no idea there were so many husbands wanting to watch their wives have sex with black men.  Apparently, it is a very common thing, but I did not realize it.  

I found there are many groups of wives married to white men who were ******* black men. One group I discovered was called "Wives Gone Black." The first time I went to one of their meetings, it was mostly white wives whose husbands liked to watch them have sex with black men. The women all said they liked having sex with black men, that they were so "big." They were planning a party and invited me to come.  I went to the party determined just to watch and learn the first time.  My husband and I went together and we met lots of interesting people.  They seemed otherwise normal, but they were all there to have sex with black men. There were at least 50 white couples there and probably that many single black men, too.  Some of the women were very attractive. Everybody danced and visited.  I met many people who seemed very nice.  I met some black men who I found interesting. My husband was excited, but to his credit he didn't push me.  He told me he wanted me to do it but only if I wanted to.  I appreciated that.  I finally decided I wanted to do it. Now I do it regularly. I have come to love sex with my black lovers. 

 I decided to try it but I wanted my husband to be there.  I wanted my husband to watch.  My husband has always enjoyed watching me when I had sex with black men, and he would usually ********** while they ****** me. Sometimes he had me suck him while I was getting ******. Usually, afterwards he wanted to eat what he called "********" (which is the *** in me after the black guys ****** me).  I liked it when he did that.  

The black men were "big" and I often came.  Unlike my husband who had very little stamina -- even when he did **** me which wasn't often --the black men were able to **** me for a long time and they ****** me a long time.  I continued to go to the meetings where the women liked to compare their stories and feelings. We became regulars at their parties, too.  It was almost always white couples; we seldom saw an Asian wife (except for me) at these meetings and parties.  

Then I heard of another group called Asians 4 Blacks, which was centered around Asian wives ******* black men. I was surprised how many young Asian wives were ******* black men because their husbands wanted them to. There aren't nearly so many Asian wives ******* black men as American wives, but there are a significant number.  Just like white husbands with white wives, many white husbands (and more than a few Asian husbands wanted their Asian wives to get ****** by black men, too) with Asian wives want to watch black men **** their Asian wives.  And just like their American counterparts,  Asian wives also like to get together, compare "notes," and talk about their experiences. Almost all of the Asian wives I have met began to have sex with black men like I did, at their husbands' requests. And, like me, most of them have come to enjoy sex with black men.  Because of their size and stamina, black men often make good lovers, especially if one likes hard, rough sex.

I found that often the husbands would progress from wanting to see their wife with just one black man, to watching her with two black men, and then three, and then they would want to watch their wives in the middle of a ********. Most Asian women went along with this; a few refused. Of course, Asian wives are always anxious to please their husbands and are generally subservient to them so most of them did whatever their husbands asked. I think that is why you see so many Asian wives being ********** by black men.  Asian wives are more eager to please their husbands and do what they want, including gangbanging black men (if that is what their husbands want). 

Most of the women said they liked ******* black men and didn't want to give it up.  Almost all of the women, however, said they would stop if their husband no longer wanted them to do it.  

I was the same; I liked ******* black men, but I only did it to please my husband.  If he asked me to quit, I would quit (if I could give it up).  

I just wanted to relate that there are many of us out here that have white husbands (and some with Asian husbands) that want us to **** black men.  We did it for them, and would not have started otherwise.

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