I Saw Mom Naked 4 Times

Hi, let me tell you about the 4 times (no kidding) I have seen my mom naked. The first time was planned, the others were accidental.
It was 1986, I was 4 and wanted to know what a naked woman was like. One evening the maid told me: “You’re curious, junior”.
So I thought: “well, yeah, that’s right, I’d like to see a woman naked, but it’s not such a big deal… or is it? ...”. So I realized there was something forbidden and desired in seeing a woman naked.
I got determined to see a woman naked. Now I had to think of a woman and a moment when I could see her naked. Instantly I thought “my mom, when she’s bathing”. So I would make my move the next time my mom went to bathe.
The next time she went to bathe, I opened the door slightly and saw her.
It was divine, my mom in all her glory, nude, delicious, the boobs, the *****…now the image in my memory is fuzzy, but it’s a memory full of exquisite pleasure.
I liked the experience so much that I decided to see my mom every time she went to bathe. I thought nobody saw me peeking, but later that evening my mom told me: “…you don’t see your mom naked”. I was taken aback when she let me know she saw me peeking, and I got a little upset ‘cause I wasn’t going to be able to see her naked again.
Since then I have an unbelievable fascination for women nudity.

When I was 6, one morning I got up to brush my teeth. I opened the bathroom door and walked directly to the sink, not noticing a thing, when suddenly I hear a voice: “hey!!...I’m bathing”. Quickly I turned to see and it was my mom covering herself with her hands. I liked so much seeing my mom naked again.

When I was 7 I went to my room looking for my parents, when I open the door I see them on the bed, surprised and totally naked. My mom was over him on her stomach, and it was impossible not to stare at that big butt, that very hot tan butt of my mom, the crack in her *** so black and dark, and all that delicious tan skin of my naked mom’s body. An image so hot that I still keep it in my mind and gives me pleasure.

When I was 12, one night I went to my parent’s room, their bathroom door was open and I glimpsed my mom frontally COMPLETELY NAKED (she was only wearing a towel on her head).
It was the hottest thing to look at her all naked, but the most incredibly delicious thing was seeing her *****, SHE HAD A FULL BLACK *****. I will never forget that huge, very black triangle standing out between her thighs. I was so aroused by seeing her ***** that I went to my room immediately to ********** whispering over and over again “…that black *****, that black *****…”

So I think I’ve been lucky, and those hot images I keep in my memory still arouse me. Thanks for reading the whole story.
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thanks for telling the story:)

Obviously I couldn't possibly have taken a picture of those moments, but since I'm an illustrator, if you're in my circle you can see accurate depictions that I drew of what I saw in my pictures section.