Fingered Wife In Crowded Theater ...

100% true events of last night:
My wife and I have been talking, sharing fantasies of others fingering her in public or others watching as I finger her in public to ******.
I decided that it was about time we had sex in public again even if it will never be as hot as the first time we had sex in public.(That will be the next story)
So we headed to the movies and picked any flick, paid, got a water and entered the theater ... It was packed full with kids (they shouldnt be in a R rated film), no way would I be able to even touch her thigh w/o a kid seeing. So we went into another film ...CRAP even worse and less seats. My wife was turned on and was getting depressed that I wouldnt be able to get her off in the theater. But just like goldilocks and 3 bears the third film was just right, not too many, not overcrowed that I couldn't finger her and her play with me too :)
Since its winter she couldnt wear a skirt in 30 degree weather, snow on the ground, so she wore pants but not jeans, which still allowed access somewhat. She still had to pull the pants down alittle exposing her thighs to any viewing eyes and we then got close and embraced. Kissing her alittle and watching the movie at first while slowly playing with her ****. She really liked this and started talking dirty and squeezing my **** a little firmer. It didnt take long for her to climax on my fingerS, yes fingers pounding her wet hole as deep as I could without moving too much in our seats. My wife doesn't squirt but its drips like a faucet! When I felt this I also felt her shaking, trying hard not to make NOISE or move too much but she could NOT stop shaking. She whispered to me that she wanted me to **** her right there in front of the entire audience. (I would have done it if public sex was not illegal and life altering sometimes).
After a good minute maybe longer I stopped rubbing her **** and she stopped ******* and we adjusted ourselves and we finished watching the movie.
When we got home we ate a late dinner and I was still horny and started talking dirty to her and asked her if she wanted to read a naughty story about a 'wife molested on a commuter train by wife watcher', she said sure and started reading. She quickly started to giggle and get hot again and started to rub her ****, I thought some oral sex would be nice for her so I proceeded to lick her wet **** and **** as she read the story. She really liked the story and her **** swelled and started to drip. I was rock hard and I took her right there on the floor. She wooed and moaned and talked very dirty to me about how she too like the girl in the story wanted others touching her and ******* her in front of me while I just watched, very aroused.
I got even harder when she told me this and she responded with her hips and her **** contracting over me **** (she takes pleasure in the ability to milk my **** dry even w/o me thrusting).
We passionately kissed and I told her I would really enjoy seeing that and I love her very much. We both came together and layed there for a brief moment. WOW i thought to myself wife is on her way to a hotwife and me as her loving voyeur husband....
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6 Responses Feb 6, 2011

Very hot! I can just imagine how crazy it made you as her *** dripped all over the seat....hopefully a couple of people realized what was happening and got to enjoy the show!

well written and hot. We used to love doing that. Read our story about showing off in a movie theater.

What a great story. Your wife is one horny and very sexy woman. Love that she wants you to be a part of her adventures; sneaking around is not the way to go.

thanks to all for your friendly comments!<br />
yes my wife has opened up alot and has become naughtier in her desires.. she is very willing to be a hotwife but says she will never do it alone, that I will at least be there watching and to clean her up afterwards of course (she says that with a naughty smile).

It is always hotter when your wife is the initiator.........always, and your wife needs ****.<br />
You will enjoy the voyeur experience...LoL

She sure sounds wonderful!