Evergreens-Winter Beauty.

Evergreens are magnificent trees. They taste of life even in the dead whiteness of winter. When only hollyberries sing and display, the evergreens stand tall...sentinels of life enduring through the severe times....Birds flit from green branch to another to another....I delight in their frolicking. Squirrels clamber on them. Dancing and chattering and moving in electric bursts of speed. If you are fortunate enough to, you may hang tiny twinkling lights on them. Revel in their quiet beauty. And love their life, all....I chose lovely evergreens for my front yard. Several different ones. Touched the picky needles of each. A perky juniper. A draping other. A stalwart Christina pica. All chosen with love. Each one a beauty. And now I must leave them behind. Two have pinecombs, sticky and happy. But I know their beauty continues even after I am departed their notice. I admire evergreens. Alive all seasons, all....They remind me of the value of life. It is simple mostly. And lives always. Until it does no longer. Thank you for listening. Hope your evergreens are fine. kisssesssssssssssssssss.........And smiles. Cynthia aka Cyn.
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I enjoyed reading your words and share your admiration, they are beautiful to behold as they stretch towards the sky. As I look out my office window on this cold winters day, it is not the sycamore or the mighty oak that I see......... it is the pines.

The conifers are cool. I love their cones too. It makes an ideal decorations around the fireplace. We have a conifer close to our back garden and there is a Heron that eyes my Koi Carp.

oh, you have had a look at my garden. Thank you.