Up Her Skirt

My mother in law and me were off to the shops one sunday morning , i drove her there and waited in the car while she went shopping, she was wearing a black skirt semi black pantyhose light blue blouse and black shoes,looking nice i thought,after about half an hour she came back with the shopping,i helped her too put the shopping in the car, then held the door open for her,she sat down in the car swivled her legs in and belted up we drove home and i opend the door for her ,she moved her legs round too get out parted them a bit WOW!! right up her skirt i could see pantyhose gusset and light green knickers,naughty boy she said, anyway took shopping inside, tut tut she said fany looking up my skirt. that was'nt the last time she let me have a quick flash, i went upstairs too her knicker draw and shot my load over her pantyhose and knickers
pantyhosed pantyhosed
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3 Responses Aug 27, 2011

yes,would have been bloody great

It would have been nice to bend down right when she swivled her legs around to have your face right at her crouch!! Can you imagine the heat ******* off that gusset and what that ***** would've smelled and taste like!!!

no pictures sorry ,and got divorced 3 years ago,still see her about town,still makes me horny