A Peek At My Wife's Panties?

I have to agree there is no better sight - especially when it is unexpected. I also love to flash my wife, when I can. Sometimes she is aware (getting her to flash to truckers and at bars) and sometimes not - like when I see she is accidently showing her panties when out or, even better, to a male friend when we are home. You know what those low settees are like, don't you guys?! I just love to watch the friend taking sneaky peeks!

I have a pic of her at home flashing. It's on the profile. Enjoy! 

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5 Responses Dec 2, 2009

I cannot think of a better pastime

As a devoted and addicted up-skirt viewer it does me good to see that I'm not alone in 'looking' like I said, it has become an addiction with me.............Mike<br />
PS I collect vids of it too.

I am so much like you and love it when my wife is sitting on our very low settee and one or other of my freinds from work are her and can see up her skirt. Sometimes I will do something to get her to move her legs knowing it will mean her legs open up more and will show right up to her little G string cutting into her pink slit

I get a kick out of when guys are looking up my skirt. Makes my worthwhile when I see a bulge on their crotch while they are staring me down below. Not sure how other women feel but I get a turn on and wetness.

ahh there is nothing quite like it, well actually there is, it is always a special treat when they are commando and flash a hint of pink...:)