Oh, Yeah, Me Too Indeed!

It's an addiction. I just can't help trying to see up girls' skirts. And they wear such short skirts! It is such a thrill to get a glimpse of panties, and stocking tops ... OMG!!!

My wife understood very well. After she's left me she kept coming round to collect her things. One evening she came round and we chatted, had a coffee, until I said "Well, what have you come round for this time?" whereupon she parted her plump thighs to give me a blatant view up her dress to her pink panties and said "Sex!" Well how could I refuse! And darn good sex it was, too!

Three or four years ago I spent a weekend with an ex-girlfriend. We spent most of the weekend in bed - or having sex in other places. We spent the weekend openly making fantasies come true with no hang-ups and no come-backs. By Sunday evening she was exhausted, but I still had one more request. As she sat back on her couch I asked her to lift up her skirt to expose her panties and I *********** over her panties. Lovely!

And do any of you like this - pushing your lover's skirt or dress up around her waist, pulling her panties aside and l****** or f****** her like that? God, that's a turn-on!

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Ah, good thinking, Batman! I forget when nothing else on this site registers with the Content Control. Effective, isn't it! I'll be attending to that today - I use a mobile dongle and have to take the device itself into the Vodaphone shop to get it lifted.

One other thing, I just thought of ... you have to disable your Adult filter. If it is on you will not see any adult content. That might be stopping you.

No, my hands went hairy first!

Yeah - I've had this problem several times as well - it seems kind of random...you have to contact EP Support...make sure you let them know the time/date of the message saying they added you or asked you to add them...<br />
and be careful - after you go blind your hands get hairy! :-)

No, nothing is working. I've been discussing this with another member - she can she mine but I can't see hers. Ill see if there's an EP help address. Don't worry about it any more, and thanks for your help.

nope ... I'm a freebee. did you get an email response saying he added you? You have to ask and then he has to friend you. once the other poster friends you (adds you to their circle), you should be able to "see" his albums.

Cyberfreakdaddy - no, this doesn't seem to work either. Do you have to be a paid-up supporter?

you have to be friends with the poster ... just add them as friends .... when they add you you can then see the pics. H&H has some lovely pics posted. I haven't yet checked out his new ones ... but I will soon.

Hi HimandHer2 - I'm very new on here (and havin' a load of fun - w*nking myself blind!) and I can't figure out how you get to see any pics.