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Up My Teacher's Skirt

I shared my one and only experience with a teacher online with an ep friend a while ago. Since then, the details of the memory have come back in force, so that I'm often ******* off thinking of my special teacher. I'd like to share my experience here.

I went to an all boys school in England. All the teachers were men and they used to hang out in the staff room at recess and lunchtime and smoke. The room stank. We had one woman teacher named Miss Williams. She didn't smoke and probably got harassed amongst all those male teachers, so she always stayed in the classroom at recess and lunchtimes.

She was incredibly pretty. I had an aching crush on her. She always wore pretty dresses and once in a while, by looking under her desk, I got to see her thigh-highs and panties (that's when my love of thigh-highs became hardwired into my developing brain). I was thirteen and in a horrible family situation! My father beat my mother and me, as well as sexually abusing my sister. I was quite withdrawn and shy as a result. I think Miss Williams really cared about me, but didn't know how to express it.

One day--it had to have been May or June, for it was warm and sunny, she asked me to stay behind and help her at lunchtime. The other kids left and she locked the door behind them. She said she needed help in the stockroom, which was off the back of the classroom. She took me there where there was a step ladder set up. She told me she had to move things around on the top shelf and that she needed me to hold the ladder. She climbed up unsteadily. By the time she got to the rung she needed to be on, I was well below her skirt and was in my glory and trembled with excitement looking up without needing to conceal it. Her panties were pale green, just like the lovely flowers on her summer dress. I remember her perfume and the sweet smell of her skin with my face close to her legs. I was soooooo hard; I pressed my groin against the ladder. She kept up a gentle chatting with me until she was ready to come down.

She was even more unsteady on her descent and couldn't or wouldn't take that first step. She told me that I needed to hold onto her legs instead of the ladder. She coached me until I was holding her right and then took her first tentative step down. I kept my hands right where she'd instructed me on the calves of her legs, but she said that as she came down, I'd need to hold her higher by just letting my hands slide up.

By this time I was nearly fainting with the thrill of it all.

The next step, her skirt was over my head. The next step, my hands were above her thigh-highs. She just kept cooing encouragement and thanking me for helping her. She partially turned on the ladder so that one of my hands was between her thighs. I could see her pale green panties were wet, but was so naive that I thought she'd peed herself a little through fear.

She encouraged, "Now don't let go, I'm coming down one more step. Just let your hands slide up". Down she came and my hand between her legs was in the crotch of her panties feeling the softness, wetness and warmth of her vagina. She sat on the step and opened her legs. I was still beneath her skirt and could by now smell her amazing sex!

She dropped her voice to a whisper and said "I hope you're not embarrassed, Stephen. Nothing to be embarrassed about. One of her hands came under her skirt and pulled her panties to one side. Her hand was shaking as she took mine and guided my fingers in position and motion. "That's right", she said, "Just keep doing that", she cooed. It went on for a long time, but the experience for me was timeless. Eventually I heard the softest of inarticulate noises from her throat and felt a sort of ******* in her pelvis and legs. I didn't know it then, but of course I know now, that she was having an ******.

After that, she simply thanked me for helping her and said she would always appreciate how kind I was.

Nothing more was ever said. She continued being kind to me. But I need to tell you that I went to the bathroom so many times that afternoon to jerk off while I smelled and tasted my fingers. It was heaven!

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I remember when I was 16 and still a virgin, I'd been going round to my friends house since we were nine years old so I new his family well.

His mom Leslie was good looking but not beautiful with and average build about 5ft 2. She always wore skirts or dresses and tights. I no this because as far back as I can remember I would catch a look up her dress when ever I could.

One day I called round and he was out but due back in 20 minutes so it was just me and her in the house. We were in the living room and she was stood by a side board and dropped something which rolled underneath it.

I volunteered to get on my hands and knees to try and reach it which I did. I couldn't believe my luck when she was standing over me. As you can imagine my mind was rushing and in a moment of what I thought was sheer madness I decided that as I stood up I would accidently put my head up her dress. Well as my head went up her dress I said sorry and went to back out when to my amazement she softly said "that's ok stay there" and at the same time gently put her hand on my head at which point it was spinning.

I saw the crotch panel of her tights and couldn't help myself, I put my head further up and pressed my face into it. She gasped and I expected her to be furious and kick me out of the house. But instead she grabbed my head with both hands and held me there and started to thrust her hips back and forth. I don't know how long it was but smell was amazing eventually she was holding me under there so tightly she was smothering me.

Suddenly she shuddered and then released me. There was an awkward silence for a minute or two but she gently reassured me and said it could be our secret.

Over the course of the following year we did the same thing another three times. Wonderful!! All these years later I still ********** when I think about it.

My second grade teacher often would read stories sitting in a chair. Sometimes her legs spread and looking straight up at her pink or white silk panties was so enjoyable. No she never sat without panties but one boy complimented her on her color shade of pink.

My mom was a teacher in second grade. She was sparkling pretty with light silver hair, blue eyes, velvet skin and very seductive lips. Her body was also very lovely at five feet two inches and one hundred and ten pounds. Thirty-Six C Cups that fell into a 26 inch waist. 35 hip girth and slender but firm legs and thighs. I could hear some of the older boys and male teachers express interest in ******* her and in all places. I know several of the boys in her class spoke about getting full views up her skirt and loved to see her garters meeting flesh above her nylons and how nice she looked in either white or pink silk panties.

it was not until I reached fifth grade when i know the school bully had taken her thermos of coffee and drugged her so at lunch time he timed it just in time to catch her alone and asleep at her desk. He was so bad that he laid her on the floor after locking the classroom and would remove her panties along with her dress where he could lay on her and rub his thing over her body. he stopped at nothing including penetration her mouth as well as her vagina and as she would awake just prior to him making a ***** deposit even felt a huge ****** and offered no resistance as he would then do her over and over several times. Her very tight vagina soon became a very worn and she would often walk very bole legged out of the classroom when this little bully7 completed his use of my very sweet and innocent mother.

F off do people really think this happened for one thing y would she be working in a place where she is the only girl that makes no

I went to an all girls school and never worried about my sitting position as the teachers were all women. I unfortunately forgot that a new sub teacher for biology had come in for a week. My first day in lab I not realizing it bent over to pick up my pen and as i bent over i was told by girl friend that my entire panties and rer were exposed to the male teacher. He even made a rude gesture but that was the end of it. Later i was sitting and suddenly realized my legs wereapart and there he was staring up my skirt.

My mom, a second grade teacher, did not know it but a few of the boys looked up her dress when she sat in front of class reading stories. hes always wore panties so that was all they could see,but one day her panties got wet by accident and she removed them in the privacy of the changing room;however, not realizing it sat in front of class with her legs open giving an entire view to the boys

What was embarrassing to her was one of the boys said to her, You are not really blond are you? Her faxce turned cherry red and she made a point of never to read just sitting infront of theclass. always did it from behind her desk.

your story reminds me of my fourth grade teacher, she smelld nice too and wore stockings and dresses... thanks for sharing.

Great story, I wish I had had a teacher that cared for me so.

incredibly sexy story - every schoolboys

what a lovely story

wow what a fantastic story

Wow! What a great experience for a thirteen year old! Thanks for sharing.

very nice story thumbsup