Best Accidental ******* Ever!

I got my best ever accidental (I think) ******* view ever this afternoon. I was walking through the Saint Nick's Market area of Bristol around lunch time, so it was very crowded. There was this stunning Meditteranean-looking woman - darkly tanned skin, long, jet black hair, very classy, very elegant. She was down on her haunches fussing someone's dog and I got a straight-on view up her short, dark wine-red skirt as I passed. She had fabulous thighs, black panties and - oh, bliss! - black lace-top stockings!

I think maybe she realised what a good view she was giving because when I turned to look back she had stood up and was bending down to fuss the dog. But too late - the view up her skirt was already destined to appear on EP!


56-60, T
Feb 19, 2010