Man Looking Up My Wife's Skirt

My wife and I were out to lunch one day. It was a hot day so she had on a really short skirt. I normally did not like it when she was so flashy with her body in public -but that would all change after this day. We went shopping for shoes at a local store. In order for women to see the shoes, they had mirrors on the floor tilted at a slight angle. I sat down and started texting while she tried on shoes. After a few minutes, I noticed an older man standing between my wife and me. He commented on her shoes, she smiled and they started making small talk. He asked questions about shoes for his wife, which I thought was strange because I have never bought shoes for my wife before. He seemed to be a nice guy and then said he wanted to take pictures of my wife trying on shoes with his phone (to show his wife) and asked if she would mind. She didn’t so he snapped a few and then went to another part of the store. After that my wife turned towards me and asked if I liked the shoes she was currently trying on. I didn’t so she bent over to remove them and that is when I noticed you could see up her skirt very clearly. She was wearing thong like pink panties exposing her butt checks nearly completely! It was sexy as hell!! I figured then why this guy was giving my wife so much attention. He probably snapped a few of her ***. The thought of which I had mixed feelings about at first but soon the thought became a big turn on! I didn’t say anything to her. She kept bending over exposing her *** for those who had the right angle. But much to my disappointment, I could not share my joy with any one else as no one was in the store at the time. After shoes, we went to lunch, had a few drinks and I told her the story. She did not believe me until I told her about the pink underpants. What she did next really was hot! Right there at the table she took off her panties and put them in her purse. Then she sat at the table with her legs spread. When no one noticed at the restaurant, she dared me to go back to the store. No guys there this time so we left. On the walk home she kept acting like she was going to pull her skirt up if I did not stop her. We swung by the grocery store. There, I saw the guy and pointed him out to my wife. We made small talk with him . While talking to him my wife turned and reached up to the top shelf to grab a box of rice. This movement raised her skirt exposing her entire left buttocks. The guy and I both sat there stunned. She asked for help and he got close to her and gave her the rice. I got rock hard seeing my wife’s *** with another man who clearly enjoyed it. She turned and smiled at me as if to say “did you all see that”? The guy looked at me but spoke to my wife and said he was going to bring his wife back with a skirt and try on the same shoes tomorrow. We both wanted to see if he did but work called the next day and I never saw him again
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4 Responses Sep 11, 2011

Wow I would have loved that to be my wife

Really a great share...wish I could have been there.

Had any more such experiences? My wife and I had a long history of such acts. Endedna few year ago ... unfortunately for me.

Your wife really knows how to turn people on. Bravo!