Wife Exhibitionist

Johnny sat next t o me at a party, while my Juny fetched some drinks.

"Do you mind Juny flashing her knickers whenever she twirls?"

"No. She loves showing off. Do you have a fetish for  sexy.knickers?"

"Yes sir. My girlfriend is so shy. And  your Juny is so beautiful. And she is twice my Sandra's age.""Would you like to have a pantyshow upstairs?"


"Why not? As long as I can come with you."

Juny came back and I suggested we take the drinks upstairs.

Johnny followed June, his eye trained on her pleated skirt just above him. She paused halfway up to adjust a suspender.

"Are you looking up my skirt, young man?"

"What do you see?"

"Light blue knickers, full up to your waist. And three rows of frills across the back."

"Good boy. You are an excellent pupil. Shall we go on?"

We found an empty room and went in,

Johnny , please lock the door so we don;t get interrupted.

"Lie on the floor so you can get a proper view of my blue frilly panties before the show commences."

He obeyed  and placed his hands around her ankles as he lay back.

"Good lad. You are very gentle Are you getting stiff down below?"

"Yes ma'am. I saw you in the pantomime dancing the can-can. Every night I picture you in that green costume. You all turned your backs to the audience and.flipped your skirts up over your heads. My Sandra was disgusted. I couldn't take my eyes off you."

Would you like me to put those frilly white knickers on now? I am sure they are my bag. Just stay there."

In a minute, she had changed and stood over his head.

What do you see now?"

"Your frilly white cancan knickers. They are so shiny and white. Can I touch them?"

"Not yet. Are you getting stiff? Does it hurt . not touching my pants?"

""You can touch yourself with your hands to relieve your feelings. Does Sandra help you?"

"No ma'am. she is too disgusted to show off her boring pants."

"What colour panties shall we do next?"

"Shiny red knickers please. Like in Westerns."

"OK . give me a moment whilst I find some."

Juny pushed her cancan knickers down over her suspenders and her shiny black shoes till they reached the floor.

.Johnny watched every moment.

She pulled a pair of red nylon knickers from her bag and held them against her body. "OK" she asked.

"Yes ma'am. Very  OK. Can I help you?

"Thank you, Johnny. You can sit up now. I will step into them if you hold them above the floor."

The young lad eased the red knickers up and over   her stockings and suspenders so they nestled on her pert little bottom,

"Is that OK?"

"Yes. just make sure they are smooth round the back. I'll bend over so you have more room. Just like the cancan dancers you saw."

"Well you have been such a gentleman, I have a treat for you. Pick up my white cancan knickers and place them over your stiff member..

Does that feel nice?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Now tell me about my red panties."

"They are shiny and tight. Nice against your white petticoats and blue skirt.. Just like a saloon girl." 

"I am feeling very stiff now. Can you help me please."

"Now you can put your left hand up my skirt and fondle my red knickers whilst your right hand rubs my white knickers against your stiffness."

"Would you please help me now. I am about to explode."

She took hold of his stiffness and felt the immediate  relief inside her white knickers..

"Good boy" she whispered  as he groaned his delight. "Let it all come out. Think about my cancan in the panto. Or was it the pantie mime?"

He fell back to rest whilst my Juny restored herself to how she looked when we had left the party.

Johnny looked up again to enjoy a final view of her shiny blue panties as she opened the door.

"Come along boys. Time to tease the lads again!"

What could she possibly mean I thought to myself. What else was in her bag?"

The end


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think i would love to see her kinckers too :)