Office Party And Girlfriend's Panties Fetish

My  girllfriend,, Sally, has a love of exhibitionism. She was dressed to go her office party , I admired her short mini skirt which did not cover  her bare thighs and suspenders. A white frilly button down blouse contrasted  against the black velvet of her pleated skirt.
"I see you're wearing stockings tonight. What colour are your knickers?"
"White my love," she retorted as she left the room, flicking up the little skirt . "Ooh la la!"
"Have a good time and tell me all about it when you come home."
At midnight, she returned, her conversation slurred with all the alcohol which flowed once a year at the party.

"So how did your outfit go down ? Or up?"
 "Definitely up, my  darling. We played musical chairs. Every time the music stopped,  someone grabbed me and sat me on his knee. I felt a hand under my skirt, and fingers groping  my panties.  They all loved my smooth white silky knickers. I w as wearing shiny panties which caught the light
and pleased all the lads."

"What did they do?"

"Some of them lifted my skirt so everyone could see my knickers when they sat down. I chose plain white full back knickers, with tiny frills across the backside..I think everyone had a go at grabbing me during the game and sitting me on their knees, I loved all the hands feeling under my skirt.  Some even tried pulling them down, but the elastic protected me. When the game finished, I had to choose a forfeit."

"What did you do?"

"Stand on my hands. My little skirt came down as my legs kicked up. And my shiny white knickers and black stockings elicited a round of applause."

"Enough said, you brazen hussy. To the bedroom we must go. And I want  to admire your performance for me.  The thought of all those lads and their hands under your skirt has got me going>"

"There's more to tell. But only when we get into bed!"

vincentrobin vincentrobin
May 21, 2012