Everything Comes To Him Who Waits...

...well today I had to do some grocery shopping and after I parked my car and shut off the motor, a large pick-up truck parked right next to me on the driver's side, with the passenger door on my side. The truck was much higher off the ground that my little Japanese car, and I noticed a young blond sitting in the passenger seat, and so I thought "Mmmm... let's just wait and see what goodies might be on display when she descends from her high perch!"  I pretended to be busy with my phone, and sure enough the door swung open, and two gorgeous tanned legs swung into view about level with the top of my head to I snuck a quick glance and was rewarded as she had to wriggle her backside to get off the seat and as she did so, she parted her legs and her mini-dress (I thought she was wearing shorts at first, but I soon realized I'd just hit the jackpot) slid up exposing her crotch and I was treated to a grand view of her pale green panties with dark-green lace piping around the leg-holes, being forced up into her slit, giving me a most wonderful view of a "camel-toe" to beat all "camel-toes".  Once she'd got out, she must have been uncomfortable with the wedgie she'd given herself, for I was treated to a wonderful display of "crack-fishing" which almost made me cream my jeans!  It was obvious that she hadn't noticed me, and thank god! as I didn't like to look of her boyfriend.  They walked off into the store and I waited for a while for my heart to slow down, and my wood to subside before going into the store.  I very nearly relieved myself in the car just to ease the pressure, but it was really heavenly! 
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Sep 21, 2012