Pantyhose And Today's Women

Today's modern women has no idea the power that she could posses if she wore pantyhose rather than that lazy bare legged look.  over 85 percent of all women to try and to the bare legged look fail at it miserably. They need to be wearing pantyhose to make an average set of legs look wonderful.  And for those who have great legs, the right pair of pantyhose just enhances them and make them look even sexier. 

I challenge women to try an experiment.  Wear an outfit bare legged, then the next week wear it with a good quality pair of pantyhose and look how you are treated.  You will receive a lot more attention from others, your will be more professional looking and be treated as more professional, you will have many more people admiring you, and you will have many more positive comments about how your dress.

phoselover302 phoselover302
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5 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I wear pantyhose and heels every day and I love the feel and look. Never without them both.

I think that the bare leg look - or maybe more accurately - the bear leg look is a regional phenomena. Clearly, women in the U.S. have trended toward no hose. But after doing some business travel in Asia and Europe, I've realized that the bare leg look isn't as widespread as we may think.

You are so right !! Womens legs are beautiful in their natural state, but you put a pair of pantyhose on those beautiful legs and wow, they just got a whole lot better !! I saw a friend of mine last night who normally doesn't wear pantyhose but had on a mini skirt with hose. My god did she look hotter than ever.

You are so right. The modern woman has no idea the power she posses to drive men like me absolutley wild with sexual desire at the sight of nylon pantyhose.

No doubt that panty hose really make legs look beautiful. I always imagine myself feeling of thier legs through their hose. What a hot feeling.