Poo Myself In School At 16

I had another poo my pants accident at 16 years of age, at sports day, and in white cotton shorts, i just sat on my heal and pretended to tie my laces, as i **** my self, waitin too do the 100 mtrs...worse thing was i had too walk all by the parents with brown stained legs and a saggy full load in my shorts.....i was so ashamed and called i just pulled my school trousers over all the mess and walked out to get my bus home...it was only on that journey i felt sexey as i sat in it all for about half an hour...the best
diaperguyuk diaperguyuk
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Good for you for managing to act so normally while ******** in your shorts, not to mention later on the bus in your pooed shorts and school trousers. Did you actually run the 100 mtrs with your pooped shorts on? No wonder it ran down your legs!

Join the "I poop my pants on purpose" group. Feels good, doesn't it?