Vibrating ***** – Surprise Your Man

Women know that most of the men dream about some “two women one man” sex experience. And some of the devoted wives take care of their husbands’ dreams. For example, they can bring home a vibrating ***** and with a wickedly gleeful expression tell to them, “let’s play with another woman.” Men are usually skeptical when pulling it out of the box, but then after trying it they are grateful.

The magic starts when the man reads what the box states (men always read the instructions). The box shows appetizing, almost real ******* and states that the sex toys are authentically molded directly from some star’s love holes. Then the box brings facts such as: “the texture of the CyberSkin makes it feel and look so realistic that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if you close your eyes”. Here is when the man gets really interested and ready to try.

The couple is still dubious, but they pull out their favorite water-based lubricant to give it a try. After they are done, the man states that it was more pleasing than he had expected. Then seeing his wife’s eyes he adds that it is still very much a toy, and he will also add facts to convince her: “it works better after it’s been warmed up”; “it’s easy to wash and take care of”; “it’s good only for some refreshment” and finally “you should also try a vibe or a *****“.
Well, it can be fun under the right circumstances!
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1 Response Jul 19, 2010

Maybe, for her sake, it should be a Vin Diesel replica, and go for a MfM to please her.