Sharing Is Good!

We have quite a range of intimate photos that have been taken over a period of many years. An example of them are those posted in our profile albums.  Neither my wife nor I is shy about having photos taken of us in any type of situation.  Some of our photos were done with the camera on a tripod, using a remote trigger for it.  We would get ourselves posed, then snap a photo.  It has been more fun and, of course, easier when a friend would handle the camera duties!

One thing that turns me off about sharing our photos is a person who thinks sharing is a one-way street.  There have been uncounted people contact me over the years asking me to send photos of us, but they never have any to send back.  To top that, some even complain when I explain they will not see any of our photos unless I see theirs!  We don't mind showing any of our naughty photos to anyone as long as they get with the program!!!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Check out our albums and we can send some of ours. No problem, us first. What's your email address?