Sensual Erotica Is Enjoyable To Read And Partake Of.

To make sex sexy is surely one fine goal; to make it sensual is, I believe, an even finer one.  And to be erotically aware is to understand that there is knowable human reality behind that fateful moment in Greek mythology when the sage Tiresias, truthfully replying and blinded for his pains, told the disputatious gods that women are capable of receiving nine times more pleasure than men from the act of love.

Sensual erotica entails the use of all the senses and is not something to be rushed, but is to be explored, experienced, expressed, in thought word and deed.  All of which begins with the first whispered word and simplest touch.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

wicked...Thanks for the comment. It is only through that perfect union can true sensuality be found.

Yes, I would have to agree with you. To achieve true sensuality is time demanding but so very worth it in the reach that ultimate point of arousal when 2 become 1.....hmmmm.....lovely!!