Her Lips

He's always said he loves her lips. The naughty things he imagines her doing with them would make her blush, if she knew.  He watches as little curls slide up their sides, curving them ever so slightly, shaping themselves around the words she's speaking.  Her tongue appears to moisten the full lower one, and pretty teeth bite down in slow motion.  They open slightly, letting that tongue peek out again, and then they flash into a full smile.  Sunshine in the flesh.  He licks his own as he watches how they pout prettily over her attempts to hide her smile.  Rich color imbues them, in part her natural color, in part the ruby red that makes his blood boil.  Another heating smile creases the cheeks beside them, and the little curves at their corners deepen.  She sips the champagne, and he watches as a drop clings desperately to the upper one, with its widow's peak of plump flesh in the middle.  Her tongue sneaks out to steal the drop, and he licks his own lips, as if to catch a taste of hers.  She catches him watching her at last, and she hides her smile behind them, teasing him with the need to taste them and to steal that smile and keep it for himself.

Zenkitty Zenkitty
51-55, F
Sep 9, 2012