This Is How It All Started

I used to be normal guy with no idea about foot fetish before my marriage. It had been a few months since our marriage when one fine day i touched her feet the very first time. We came back from a full day outing, she was lying on sofa and i was sitting on a bean bag watching TV. I noticed that she was very tired. She said that her feet are paining, i thought of comforting her a little by holding her legs and pressing them gently. Encouraged by the smile on her face, i slowly started massaging her feet. After this day, foot message became more frequent. I ,unknowingly though, started liking her feet. Once i kissed her feet and can't prevent myself licking them. Then, foot licking and worshiping became a daily activity.
She actually opened day and told me that it was in her mind since the beginning and she was waiting for a chance to make me lick her heels and like them. Frankly speaking, after licking her feet first time i started taking the initiative. Now, my day doesn't complete until i lick her soles. It has been two years since then and the passion is ever increasing. We don't share a master-slave relationship but that of lovers. This has given a new dimension to our lives. I will worship her feet for the rest of my life.

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My gf receives foot massages nearly every nite. I also use my fingers to clean between her toes. I.want zo badly to.clean her toes and especially between with my tongue. Do u think she aould freak out?

That sounds wonderful. i am in a similar situation. Are your wifes feet ever stinky when you lick the soles? I love that so much

servant sean

Initially she used to be cautious and wash her feet before I lick them. But that all became things of the past. Now, she doesn't care if her feet are dirty or stinky. She wears shoes full day and in the evening after coming from office I always touch her feet ,remove her shoes and lick it all clean. I really smell of her stinky feet. This is really irresistable.