My Dominant Wife Leads Our Relationship

She is in charge and i am submissive.  We maintain an active and agreeable shared relationship, based on love and respect, however, when final decisions are made, they are hers.  She enjoys keeping me in feminine clothes and considers me a 'traditiona wife' ala the 50s.  This is a pragmatic decision on her part in that it is a simple way to define via short hand our power dynamic. I am submissive in my married life but remain a 'normal' assertive male in my professional and social life outside our home.

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3 Responses Jan 14, 2009

i am submissive to wife she has me in panteis all the time an has me lock in chastity<br />
i do all house work cooking cleaning in my panties<br />
i service her as she needs oral only im not alot to **** her at all that is why she has me lock<br />
her sister knows an holds the spare key

Your relationship sounds very much like mine. I no longer work outside the house, but my wife does. I wear feminine clothing, do all of the housework and am submissive to my wife. Oddly enough, this came about at her request. I have learned to enjoy being feminine and being her sissy "wife". I cook, clean, shop, etc. and have absolutely no pressure from being at a job in the an office. Of course, I am required to obey her and submit to her discipline. The sissy lifestyle suits me well and my wife seems to be enjoying it even more.

Good for you.<br />
Obviously a super rounded guy, without the DNA bred into most of us.<br />
<br />
May you prosper and love<br />
<br />
Cheers<br />