The Best Character In The Series

Severus Snape is by far the best character in the Harry Potter series. The way Rowling set him up through the series to be this shady, evil guy and then suddenly turned him around completely was amazing. He was already my favorite character when he was being cast in the "bad guy" light, but I only liked him more when all the emotional stuff surrounding his unrequited love and lifetime of putting himself on the line - all for a snotty brat that didn't appreciate him until he was dead! It was so sad. I cried when Snape died and when his memories were revealed - both while reading the book and watching the movie.

Poor young Snape! I would have stood up for him and been his friend... and more. ;)

The movie could have done a much better job with some of Snape's lines at the end (the "I've lied for you" part when they're talking about preparing Harry for slaughter, basically), but it was still a tearjerker.

The movies as a whole could have shown a lot more Snape in general, but what they did include was fantastic.

Oh Snape. <3
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Amen. He is my most favorite character of all the time.