I've wanted an alien tumblr type shirt for so long. They are so cute, but I'm cheap and none of them were ever 'just right'.
Today I remembered I have a couple plain white shirts and got excited. I used paint and EXPO marker. EXPO for the purpose of 1.) From experience, it lasts way longer than Sharpie (weird since it's a dry 'erase' marker and sharpie is permanent), and 2.) my Sharpie decided to be dumb today.
To get the green, I mixed a small dab of blue acrylic paint into a lot of yellow acrylic. I also added a TON of multi-purpose solution (used for contacts). I watered it down til it was almost more solution than paint and it was almost dripping off my brush. This keeps it from being stiff on the shirt. The spots of paint are not stiff at all. They aren't as soft as the tshirt but they just feel like a usual decal would. Since the tip of the expo was too wide I just trimmed it a bit with some scissors and got a more precise line (:
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Quite artistic.

I took a while to get the pattern laid out. But I love it and my mom approves

Your mother and I share something in common, in that case. Approval.