Started On the Playground ...

i was very young, around 8, and playing on the monkey bars. well, i realized that if i played on it a certain way, it felt strange and wonderful.  of course i kept doing it on monkey bars, banisters, etc.  i really had no clue what was going on ;) 

one day later that summer, after swimming, a found that by rubbing my (little at the time) clitoris ... that the same feeling came over me. so i spent some time in my bedroom rubbing, and then i had my first shuddering O. well, since then, it's been a daily ritual ... at the minimum once per day :D

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Now that's why all the teenagers hang around playgrounds to get drunk - publicly financed, free available sex toys ;)

I got started at a young age as well. It was climbing a rope during gym class that got me hooked.

LOLZ cute xD<br />
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randomly, this reminds me of HarryPotters Nimbus2000 broomstick XD It's a toy that vibrated and made sounds >< was quickly pulled off the market >__< Wonder how many were sold tho lol

can i watch? ;)

I'd be honored any of you would like to contribute to my group "I remember my earliest sexual experiences."<br />
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If you'd care to expand.<br />
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Thank you for sharing!

Always interesting to hear how girls discovered ************. Probably like most guys, I would get an erection at times. It could happen when wearing cloths and it felt good to feel it pressing against the cloth. I was taught to feel guilt about it though and did for a long time. Even today, love the feeling of getting an erection while somewhere and wearing cloths. It is a build up of energy for a later ************ session.

I am the same as you. When I was young and playing, climbing up ropes or poles I would get this strange but very nice feeling. It sort of felt tickally and like I needed to pee. When I got this feeling I was frightened that I would pee so I always stoped climbing until the feeling wore off. Then I would climb again. I got very addicted to this feeling and being so young I had no idea what I was doing. It wasnt long after my first climb that I loved the feeling so much that I didnt stop and I had my first real O!! Of corse I was too young to know what was happening I just knew that I loved it. So from about the age of 8 I would always be climbing on climbing fr<x>ames, swings, goal posts, you name it I have climed it!! LOL!!! I still climb ropes at my local gym most days.

I love it too! I try to fit it in at least once, sometimes twice a day!

i been ************ at young age and been doing so daily ever since, im 38 now and dont plan to stop

Good for you! ************ is indeed very enjoyable and relaxing; it is a way of being good to and loving yourself!

Do all girls do this??