I Wear A Chain On My Waist With A Didlo

I love to wear nthg inside, hate wearning panties n jeans i hav a chain with a small didlo whnn i go out i wear tht and i sometimes put it in my jeans it keeps me tickling till i m aroused and ready to *** i enjoy gng to washroom more often to clean my self up its a gr8t feelng nobody knows wht i m upto.
pinkbeauty4ru pinkbeauty4ru 18-21, F 6 Responses Jul 14, 2011

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If you would like to experience twice the excitement, try ben wa balls in front, and a vibrating remote controlled ***** in back. You would be a walking ******.

iv worn the ''ben wa'' balls and there fantastic, i also have a panty with a built in bullet that has a remote control to stimulate the clitrous and iv used it in public many times to the point of climax

Always prepared to ***... I love that!

Have you ever tried 'ben wa' balls...I've heard it's really nice...especially when you walk up and down stairs...shave your ***** smooth and wear a skirt with no panties and walk in the mall wearing ben wa balls...I'll bet your juices will run down your inner thigh so any passer by that paid any attention would notice the stream down your leg...sound fun!<br />
<br />
Let me know how it goes?

Not a bad idea. Thanks for sharing.

I like your attitude darling! x