Best For Housework

I love these girls.  I have almost every episode on DVD (I'm missing Season 6, part 2, the last one).  I watch them over and over, especially when I'm sick.  I have a "Sex and The City Clean-up" all the time.  I put on an episode and will clean for however long that episode is on.  Sometimes I think: "Good, I have enough time to mop the kitchen floor, they're just now getting to the baby shower."  I always cry when Miranda's mom dies, and get sniffly when her and Steve kiss in the rain.  I put a show on when I'm cooking.  I can't see it from the kitchen, I just listen to it.  I never saw it on TV (I don't watch TV), but rented the videos one night and became hooked.  Still am!

Babeifer Babeifer
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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

LOL that's funny. You know the shows so well you know how much time you have to mop the floor.<br />
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Right, I can just listen to the shows and know which show it is and what's going to happen next. I do watch TV. They have edited versions on TBS, not as good as DVD or HBO, though passively it's just fine.