Love Morninng Sex....

I am married woman and my huspend love to see me very sexy , he wants me to enjoy anything I love including sex also he love to know all about my sex life with other . It started on summer time while we are on the beach and I use to wear toung bikini and looked very hot . My huspend met business people he knows and the 2 man set with us and they kept looking at me all the time and I can feel and see thier cook is start to stand up , we talked about many things and one of them announce that he searching for private secertary as he travel allot and needs this administration and PR help , My huspend told him that i am worked before in PR agency with similar position , then he was very happy to hear this and said fine and asked me if I accept this work and he have very attractive salary which was really very good offer I can't refused it . I accept this offer and he was really happy in that time I asked my huspend that I need to lay on the sun to get some tan and I need him to put taning oil over my body but my huspend before he replay his friend said ok this is your boss work from now on and I said Fine also my huspend said ok go for it . He started and he take off my top bikini and start touch all my body and also my tids and he ask me if this is ok with me and I told him yes this is perfect massage . After I was almost very hot and his cook kept touching me I said lets go to our table to have a drink with my huspend and the other one , I walked topless and the other man and my boss liked this very much and told my Huspend that I am very sexy wife . fter we have fun all together with flirting fom the friends we had to leave and my new boss asked me for not to come late tomorrow in my first working day , we kissed and say good by and his body was touching mine too . In the first working day I was there wearing very sexy and my boss give me hot hug and we start Orkney together then he asked me to join him tonight in business dinner inside spa with jacuzzi facility and he will have VIP customer and wants me to be ready for that with my toung bikini , I went home and my huspend was happy for me and this wild meeting to and he spoke to my boss and asked him to pick me up from home . We went to this dinner and the VIP customer was there anew all went to change to go to the jacuzzi to start our meeting and when our customer saw my hot bikini he was very hot on me and my boss told me to take off my top this is much more nicer . I was very close to my boss he was holding me from my back and while talking he was massaging my tids and I was very horny and want to make love immediately then my boss went to the bar and left me with the customer then he hold me on the water and start kissing me very strong and when my boss came he found me kissing the customer and the VIP customer said he is hasp and wants to sigin the contract right now but in one condition is to go to his home tonight but my boss said he can't make it it is late but I said No this is fine with me and I left with him . When I enter his house he start kiss me and take off my close but I told him contract first he smilled and he signed then I left my self to him he kept eating my body and I liked his cook cery much he was over size and I enjoyed him very much while I was sucking him my phone ring and I found it my boss and he ask me if I signed the contract and I told him yes he was happy and promise me with good bounas he was calling me and ask me to open my mobile camera and he found me totally nacked he told me that it seemed that I am enjoying and I said diffently then he asked when to pick me up I said after 2:3 hours Becouse I liked this over size cook I kept enjoying my customer and we had sex very wild and he do it many times , the door ring and I found my boss came so I went down naked to him and he kiss me and ask me for leaving now then I went upstairs to wear my close and had another suck from this nice cook and asked my customer that I contact I'm regularly for his cook . When I went with my boss he take me to his home and I knew wht he wants then when enter his home he take off his pants and he take off all my close and we make love all night then I told him I had to go home but he told me that he spoke to my huspend and he informed him that I will stay the night in his place and my huspend said Ok .
When I went back home next day my huspend aske me what I did and I told him and he was happy to hear that and he wants to know that I am enjoying sex which I really did .
Dania69 Dania69
31-35, F
May 17, 2012