All this time, I had no idea these were mutually exclusive. 

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Maybe so, mewold, but it's momentary madness.

Myonis, I promise that when my wife and I are finished making love, she is NOT thinking about anything but loving me and bliss.

All part of those mad multitasking abilities, I guess. ;)

Good theory. Momentary loss of awareness is acceptable after a particularly spirited match. Women have an amazing ability to recover while the men just remain senseless.

Yeah, I imagine there is a lot of scoring going on at the Myo and ballz abode (but probably not as much as she'd like). <br />
<br />
My theory about the meaning of this particular experience is that really great sex with the right man can make one quite senseless. ;)

And that, my dear, is what makes me a legend.<br />
<br />
SCORE! And the crowd roars!!

And yours.<br />
<br />
Slam Dunk! And the crowd roars!!

I am. (And the crowd roars!!) I win again.

Good dog. Now go lie down or no treats for you!

All this talk about intelligent multi-tasking is getting me excited......snoort.....drool......sniff the ground........drool again.

auti, I think it's what's makes us brilliant. It's that ability to multi-task, nurture, respond, and do it all at once quite creatively.

I guess there are people who think that woman who love sex don't have a lot going on upstairs. Thats a shame. Some of the horniest women I know are brilliant.<br />
<br />
I will admit, too long without sex and I think I start to get foggy brained. Perhaps lots of sex makes you smarter!

DC, women have a lock on the market when it comes to multi-tasking! We've always known that. <br />
d10, Britney Spears chews gum and walks at the same time...I usually don't chew gum during a sexual encounter, though.

mewold, why would any man in in his right mind want one without the other? But then, how many men are truly in their right mind? ;)<br />
Le0n, can you hump that bottle and think at the same time? Maybe women are exclusive to thinking and doing at the same time?

Big surprise to me as well, Myonis. I suppose if you're capable of both you're a spectacular multi-tasker....?

Myonis, it is just the opposite. Sex is a great part of life and just plain fun, but you can't screw all the time and that is where the intelligence comes in. Someone who you can talk with and connect with. If I can't to that, I would never get to the sex part. I wouldn't be interested.

Yeah. Pretty funny. I'd sure hate to have to choose!