Just Love The Turn On....

OMG,   sex and erotica I love them both and so do you or you wouldn't be reading this huh?  Sex is lovey enough when you can spend enough time on the woman your with, lavishing every minute to make my sexual  partner feel every bit the woman that I have the education and experience to make her feel just the way she wishes to feel......  Exotica is great when your alone to satisfy yourself is ok and not to mention wicked from time to time if you need to... and you know it too....   ;)

jesterjarhead jesterjarhead
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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

fungirl.... Um making love in my book is taking my lover in your arms kissing them deep passionate breathless kisses, laying them on a bed and unleashing all my feelings of love on thier body, and<br />
when I feel she is ready to feel me inside her I would give her my love for as long as we can go on<br />
any longer..<br />
<br />
Having sex on the other hand is coming coming in from work perhaps taking my lover stripping her naked tying her body to the cold kitchin table and doing the carring out the most unspeakable<br />
foreplay on her untill I could bare it no longer and taking her right there and then.... for one exsample :)<br />
<br />
decembertillmarch......... That is so true..... :)

Oh...and they both can be so enjoyable...WICKED FUN!

Question//// What is the difference in having sex and making love to you? We have ben having this discussion eleswhere and am curious about your opinions.