My Husband and I Love Sharing Me

Hi to all. Well I have been married for many many years and very happy with my husband, But as the kids got older we wanted more sexual fun and we found out that we love wife swaping / swinging.

My husband love to see me enjoying sex with another people and we have done this several times with the right person we pick from swaping sites or chats on the computer.

But the best was a recent day of sexual fun that he set up for me. He ask me to shower up and shave clean for the next day to come, When that day arrived he set me up in our master bed room with candles glowing in the dime cented room. I was wearing pump heels sexy underwear and a hot bra, Then he blindfolded  my eyes and put my Ipod on with my headphones on my ears so now I could not see or hear what was going on. Then a few mins went bye and I felt a breeze and then a pair of hands start to touch me softly. I started to get wet and hot then suddenly i felt a second pair of hands on me and then a third I started breathing hard. I was psuhed back on to the mater bed and I felt more hands all over me grabing my butt and chest and now started kissing my mouth and face , neck I was getting so hot and wet but was thinking this is crazy how many people were in the room touching me with hot sexual music playing in my head. Then suddenly I felt a penis pushing at my mouth and lips licking my wet lips between my legs, I was getting dizzy from all this then my hand was opened and another pennis was put in it and then my other hand too so I was saying to my self that four men on me then I felt another pennis rubbing and pushing at my mouth also so now Iam taking turns sucking two men. Well as time went by I lost count but I was filled to the max in every hole I had man cream all over me and down my mouth they DDP my butt and ***** it felt like ten men were using me as there sex toy. Well after about two hours my husband unblindfolded me and help me to the shower and never told me how manyt men were in the room playing with me but did say it is all on video too watch one day soon. I must say to be taken like that was great and the best sex I ever had they all were gentle and used the hell out of me I never been so hot in my kife and never came so hard one afther another can't wait to try it again soon

loriforfun loriforfun
41-45, F
Mar 14, 2009