*** And Get It

One of you waits quietly (but ready for lust) perhaps sipping a glass of wine while the other gets ready for lovemaking....

The twist is that they get to choose the room and location (be it in the bath, bedroom, over the kitchen counter, on the floor, on the sofa) as well as the bits and pieces to go with some lovemaking........

For example, they may run a steamy bath lit by candles with a new waterproof sex toy.........

They then ring you on your mobile and tell you where to 'come and get it!'

This is the sort of sex-play that you can take turns doing the choosing.


jesterjarhead jesterjarhead
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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Sounds like something that might be fun.

Oh we shall have to leave clue's for each other then huh??

Interesting....I always thought maybe a scavenger hunt would be fun & exciting..... Sex with your partner is the prize of course....but leaving alot of sexual clues with the things that you may use....like alcohol in the fridge with a note....that leads you to the next clue which could be toys etc....which leads you to the next ....etc. You get it I'm sure.......now if anyone would just play with me I would be good to go...lol.