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I have been visiting South Asia in connection with research assignment my sponsored by an organization working for women's sexual rights. The job is interesting as I myself am a staunch supporter of women liberation of all kinds, clothing, writing, sexual, living with their friends etc.
Once I was visiting a South Asian countries (I won't tell you name), and stayed for about six months. I met a number of people and found them cooperating. Some of them (both women and men) were admiringly straight forward and liberated. They informed me of their once a month meeting in a farm house to enjoy various sex games. I was also invited to it. There were eight couples (can't say wife/husband or friends). I had been told in advance that only couple were invited. But I was single. What to do? No problem, was the answer from the host.
We gathered there at about 10/10.30. It was a big farm, surrounded by wall and tall trees. all were sitting in the open, chatting and enjoying fruits& drinks. The host asked me to suggest a sex game. I thought a while and suggested that every body go inside, took off his/her panties/underwear and place in a bucket. it was done. The next stage was to go again inside and put on underwear/panties that each participant thought it was his/her partner's.(i.e., woman to wear man's undergarment and vice versa), nothing else beneath tummy.
All gathered and every body was required to identify his/her undergarment whether put on by his/her partner rightly. Those who failed had to remove before all. Only three couples were saved; remaining had to expose their half body naked. Then the successful were asked to exchange undergarments, and who did first, was winner. Obviously only one was the winner. Other two faced the same penalty: removing their undergarments. The only successful couple was again asked to put off their panties/underwear immediately but walking. The man was a bit slow so he had to sing a song standing on the table.
Next was to expose upper body. Again the same. Women were asked to go inside, take off bras, put in one place, and men were to identify which belonged to partner. The winner men were required to pull up partner's shirt, exposing boobs. Those who failed, put off their shirts, had to wear bras, and invited partner to hold penis (obviously erect) in one hand and opening bra with other. The game continued till all were nude, except myself. Now host suggested that I go to each man, kiss his pe**s and simultaneously take off clothes one by one.
All were totally nude, horny and desiring to f***. who f***ed whom, is a separate story. But it was fun.
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I am Lolita, enjoy life in nudity, sex, sexy talk and playing sex games. I enjoyed story and will play with friends soon.