First Time Sex Games

The first time we ever tried sex games was in July, on a hot night in Tampa, Florida.  We invited 12 couples in which they all showed up, thank goodness. Nobody in the group had no knowledge of what was about to take place except for on open minded couple in which we new.

The only thing we told everybody was to dress like you and your mate were going someplace to make out.  We didn't want it to sound to explicit or they might not show up.

All the women showed up in miniskirts and holters or mini sundresses. Everyone was dressed to kill.  Everyone was in casual conversation and drinking socially and not really used to seeing all their friends dressed like they were. You could tell that everyone was loosening up and having a good time.

Their was a guy named Rob who was really starting to check out my wife Gina. My wife was wearing a very short minidress that stretched over her breasts. My wife didn't have any panties or bra on. It was really starting to turn me on that this young stud was wayching my wife.

Since he was starting to talk to my wife a little bit, who is 5'4" medium built with dark black hair and very cute, I started talking to his slim 5'2" blonde girlfriend.  She didn't want to talk to me front of my wife and her boy friend, so we went around the corner. I sort of knew her from before, but I didn't know she could be such a flirt. Of course I was taking it all in, and my **** was about to explode out of my pants.

We finally sat everyone in a big circle in the living room. And we had the girls pick out even numbers and the guys pick out odd numbers. Then we starting pairing couples up together. 1 with 2. 3 with 4. So on and So on. The only numbers we rigged was my wife Gina and Rob and Myself and Cassandra.

We asked each couple questions, if they got it wrong, the only thing the knew was that they would have to do something. But they didn't know what.  The ones who missed the questions were told to stand in a line like a choo choo train, each couple holding hands in the air above their heads. Those couples were asked another question. We made sure it was a question they couldn'answer. Then we had the girls that wern't in the train remove the shirts of the guys and unfasten the top button on their jeans. And then remove all the girls panties in the train.

Then we had them march around the house again. Then we kept 2 couples together with their hands still in the air and made them put their hands up on the threshold of the door. That was actually Cassndras idea. Because we wern't in the train. Which made the stretch beyond what they were already doing. We made them spread their legs a little as well as their hands. Now the skirts and the dresses sterted to climb and the tops started to fall.

I think my wifes dress was the first on to fall off her naked breasts and her dress started to climb higher on her beautiful naked ***. I could tell Robs **** was about to explode.  Then we made all the couples turn around and face their mate with their hands still in the air. We made sure their was know air in between. Cassandra couldn't wait to remove Ginas minidress and boy friends jeans.  Cassandra leaned my wife back onto the floor so her boyfriend coul have his way with my wife.

What an awsome site to see Rob Entering his **** into my wifes naked *****. Cassandra was already naked before she got back to me. She couldn't wait no longer. As I sucked her naked body from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Then she pleaded with me to **** her until she came. What wonderful and awsome night.

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