Hi, I am a middle aged male (straight) and have had a fetish for fur from my youth. I have to wear parkas because it seems fur coats are not appropriate for the norm. My partner has left me because she cannot "do fur". Am I weird or is there a fur loving female out there somewhere for a fur relationship?
Drewfur Drewfur
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Drew, I don't think you're weird -- though my wife often calls me such -- as there are many of us fur lovers out there. As for finding women -- it's a big world with plenty of women who favor many different things. I truthfully can't think of a soft fur as being that unusual for a woman to appreciate. I read somewhere over 60% of those polled had no problem with fur.. they were just fearful of the public stigma of wearing it. Between the liberal PC media and the relatively few, but boisterous anti-fur groups, they seem to hold the public at bay -- when the reality is actually quite the opposite.

So keep up the hunt, be honest and open. All a woman can say is no -- and you're no worse off than when you started.. But I bet you'll be surprised...

In my experience there are still women who like fur, I am married to one. If you ever want to have conversations about wearing sumptuous furs please contact me. I am a hetro sexual cross dressing man who is happily married, I like to wear furs and I do wear furs!

Mostly vintage which she obtained from relatives, she has several long and short styles. I also have an old raccoon fur as well as those I wear when in female clothes. Good to find another fur lover.