In The Shower.

I love taking a shower with my wife, she has the best body. i love to see her get her hair wet as the water runs down her back, her boobs, and down to her *****. i have her stand infront on me so i can wash her back, move my hand around her waist and lather her boobs, and her erect nipples. I move my hands to her inner thights and lather them up, slide my hand up futher and feel the warm of her *****, pulsating by me lathering her up. i move my hands back to her back and slowly bend her over to expose her *** and ***** lips, i get on my knees and start to lick her as i feel the water run down her back and into mout mouth. as i lick her soaked ***** i place my hand in the front and start to rub her, she moans with delight. I stand up and my hard **** slaps her *****, she jumps with excitment. i place the head of my **** on her ***** and i slowly push,in spreading her lips appart, she moans louder and statrs to push herself back so that i can be fully inside her. i enter her all the way and she moans. seeing the water run down her back and down her *** as i start to **** her faster and faster. her moans get louder and louder. she tells me that she want me to *** in her so she can feel how warm i am, i pump faster and faster till i *** deep inside. i i slowly lift her back up and kiss the back of her neck, spin her aroung and we start kissing and rubbing eachother. we finish washing up, rinsing, dry off and continue on with our day.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Awesome story, Ann and I recently got a new place, which has a large walk-in shower. Last night after working in the yard, we both jumped into the shower together. It was so awesome washing her back, which led to sitting on the shower seat and lowering her wet ***** on to my hard ****. She was basically sitting on my lap with me inside her. Ann took over the movements at this point and continued to ride my **** until she was screaming through an ******. After she had had hers, I raised her up, turned her around and bent her over with the seat supporting her upper body. I then slammed my still erect **** into her hot ***** from behind and proceeded to **** her hard. She soon orgasmed again, after which I unloaded my load into her. We were then able to embrace under the running water as it washed all of our lost bodily fluids from us. Pure extasy...