Having Sex Wearing Heels

I always wear six inch sexy heels when having sex with my husband, it excites us both and sex is always better and he adores my killer heels and I am love him kissing them and adoring me for wearing them

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7 Responses Jun 13, 2009

I love to wear heels when i have sex with my man he likes the way they look on me but he makes me take them off when he puts me on all fours

Woman in heels are the most powerful turn-on for me. I do have a collection of my own and wear a pair of a little too small to keep my big toe pointed in 3 1/2 inch heeled boots everyday during my 1 hour commute to work and back. If I were a woman I would wear at least 3 inch or higher heels everyday without exception. My wife and I were down the cape one time and went all the way out on the jetty to the end of P-town and there was a foreign woman almost all the way out to the end with 3 inch heels on, NOW THAT'S A DEDICATED WOMAN!!!

Most of the time when I have sex I wear heels. I love wearing them when giving a blow job. And I also wear them most of the time when having anal. This woman loves her heels!

Given a choice to have sex while wearing heels, or no heels...I'd rather do it heels on!

You gals have hit it right on the head!! I wish to hell my wife thoought like you do!!!

Your right ! My guy drools over mine, only have to whisper in his ear when were out " Shall I put my Stilettos on when we get home?" That does it ! hes like a docile Puppy. When I fancy a new pair I always take him with me and try dozens of pairs on and walk up and down the shop just for his pleasure. Oh and it doesnt matter what the cost is hes more than happy to pay ! X Helen

Wish my wife said that to me once !

lets be honest girls, who doesn't feel sexy and pwerful wearing killer heels and feel a little naughty when wearing them, please be honest and let me know, be proud girls, men love our heels, so let them know.