Sex In The Beal Flower Gardens

When I was in college, there was a botanical gardens that were located adjacent to the mail library building. Unfortunately, when you were trying to get to the library, you usually didn't have time to stop and smell the flowers, let alone, wander through the sunken flower gardens that were landscaped and isolated.

The flower gardens had been there since time immemorial. Or at least since the Beal Family donated a ton of money to the university and had the botanical gardens named after them. There is a pointer sign that directs your attention to them, as you travel the great circle in the center of campus, but I doubt that anyone knows much about them.

However, the name Beal is also associated with something else on campus. It was well known that films were regularly presented on campus for the general public (read: students) to attend, pay admission, and be entertained. Frequently, there were themes all term, or a particular type of movie that each groups specialized in presenting. The most accessible and largest group was the Resident Hall Association (RHA) major release series, that featured anyone of three or so recent releases at a discount admission for those who could present a student ID. This was not checked very closely, and anyone could buy multiple tickets and share, so it wasn't much of an issue.

However, there was also the Beal Film Group. The single presentation this group showed each Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday evenings, was typically considered ****. That's right, we had the pick of the **** crop presented on campus, for those who wanted to attend and pay a reduced admission. Typical films included "Last Tango In Paris", "The Story of O" and "The Devil in Miss Jones" and similar mainstream borderline ****. You KNEW what you were in for if you attended.

I don't think it was any accident that they were known as the Beal Film Group, as there was a longstanding tradition on campus to NOT go visit or walk through the Beal Flower Gardens after dark. The reason was a reputation that couples would be necking in the dark, among the raised flower beds in the sunken gardens. At least, that's what the reputation said.

There was a bright young full professor of Psychology who taught a very popular class in human sexuality. He would frequently be asked what his first sexual experience was, and he was unabashedly frank to tell them that he was raped.
That's right, this five foot six muscled Jewish boy would tell students or adults alike that he had been raped by a woman. To hear him tell it, he was invited on a blind date to go to a movie, and afterward, was invited to go walk in the Beal Botanical gardens. He says she was a large woman, six feet or better, and when they stopped to kiss and neck, she got on top of him. He says she had his blue jeans down and was squatting over him in a cowgirl position before he could stop her. And he continually said, though he had been interested in a date, he wasn't ready to go all the way, and she was definitely desiring that. He said she raped him.

With this information, I determined that the Beal Film Group was trading on the reputation of the Beal Botanical gardens after dark, and were making a tidy little profit off the prurient interests of the students who would attend. Now, I never did understand just where the money they raised went, but the Beal Film Group was an ongoing concern that ran films for all five of the years that I was in college.

I never once attended any of their films.
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Dec 13, 2012