Sex Outside

My boyfriend was visiting me at college down in San Diego during his Spring Break. I couldn't skip my classes so he decided to come with me to school. To reward him, I put on this skimpy little blue dress he likes and I left off my bra and panties--I was completely naked underneath. As we were leaving I gave him a quick glimpse so he would know just how little I was wearing. This made him hard immediately! And it was all I could to keep his hands off me during class.

The minute class was over we began to look for a spot where we could be more intimate. Finally we settled for a sunny spot of grass near the parking lot. There were tennis players near by, construction workers about 100ft away and students walking to and from their cars but I didn't think they would bother us.

My boyfriend could hardly stand waiting any more. He pulled the straps of my dress down and pulled out my large, soft breasts. He nibbled and teased my hard nipples with his teeth and tongue until I couldn't stand it anymore and forced his fingers into my wet ****. But that's not all he had in mind. Giving me a mischievous grin, he pushed me onto my back and pulled my dress up above my waist. He forced my legs apart and slowly began to lick my wet lips, slipping deep inside my **** and playfully nibbling my clitoris. I moaned with pleasure and began to caress my own nipples while his tongue twirled around my **** and his fingers plunged deep inside of me. I could feel the heat of the sun on my ****, I could feel the breeze tease across my nipples, and I could hear people come and go very close to us. We were totally exposed. It was not long before all of this combined inside of me to create a mind-blowing ****** of pleasure. To this day, even just thinking about it makes me really really wet, and I can't help slipping my fingers down to my moist **** and massaging my hard and aroused ****. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
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well sugar you have me standing at full attention for you.