****** And Vibrators

I love them , I often get dressed up , with no chance of meeting up with anybody that can both admire how sexy i look and for fill my sexual needs. So i have amassed a nice collection of vibrators, ******, but plugs and anal beads. When i get the urge to crossdress it overpowers me and i have to transform into a sexy woman , I get great pleasure from doing this but sometimes i want more, thats were the toys come in . I ensure my anus is well lubricated then choose a toy , i usually go for my 12 inch long 2and half inch wide ***** with a suction cup at the base, I like the suction cup and stick it on the coffee table near the corner , I then gently start to open my sissy hole up gentaly slipping my fingers inside till ive got 4 in i move them around opening my self up for a bit then pull them out squirt more lube in y anus and lube the thick long shaft of the ***** thats stuck to the table. I opposition my self legs apart in squat stance and line it up, then I slowly lower myself down the thick rubber shaft utill it cant go any deeper then i start sliding up and down slow at first but building up speed, still getting faster , It feels euphoric , and a bit strange but i love it , I keep bouncing on it until my legs and hips are worn out , but i havent stopped there , after a rummage through all the toys i Find my rabbit vibrator, so i get on the bed lie down lift my bum of the bed and posistion some pillows under my lower back/ bottom, I always get goosebumps and tinges at the thought of using the rabbit, i slowly insert it , ensuring a smooth entry, when it is fully inserted i turn it on , i start off on the slow setting, even this makes my arse tingle, and the circular motion that the head does just adds to the pleasure, i gradually turn the speed up sending waves of sensation one after another . i keep turning it up till its on full power, wow this is so intense now I can feel my mad bit getting ready to ejeculate just a bit more .BOOOM my man thing exploded without penis stimulation, I basically reached an ****** through anal stimulation, and it was out of this world my insides are still throbbing and i feel boss I LOVE MY SEX TOYS
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great fun

Great story I'm still trying never made it to completetion but practice makes perfect right? I will never give up.!! Have fun.!