Childs Play

As a boy growing up I loved to play with toys. I loved toys very much.  I loved to have lots of toys and would seek to get as many as possible.  The toys were various in nature like, Star Wars figures and ships, G.I. Joe dolls, Matchbox cars, and Tonka trucks.  I could never have enough toys!

Then one day I went into my mom and dads bedroom, you know how kids are sneaking into mom and dads room to see what they can find.  Low and behold I found a ***** in my moms closet.  I wondered at the size and shape of it.  How real it looked to me was amazing.  I put it back untill one day when I was alone curiosity overcame me and I went back in their room.  I proceeded to stuff it in my ***.  I finally realized it would not go in without something to make it slide and got some form of lubricant.  Do not ask me what I used as I dont remember that part.  All I know is I finally got it into me and wow did it hurt, but yet it felt good and natural at the same time.  It took more than one occasion to get it to feel comfortable and when I did I really enjoyed it.  It was so pleasureable I couldnt stop myself from using it.  Well I used moms toy for the rest of my teen years until I was able to buy my own toys.

I started out buying dildoes.  I used to buy small ones then bigger ones until I moved up to two headed hudge ones.  Then one day I bought a vibrator and tried it out.  The feeling was indescribable all I can tell you was I came without stimulating my **** and I came hard.  My collection then grew in leaps and bounds.  I bought every type of toy that was available.  I own many toys now just like in my childhood days when I couldnt get enough.  I have many dildoes, vibrators, strapons that dont vibrate, some that do, vibrating pump up anal plugs, some that dont, and various forms of anal beads.  I play with them just like I did all my toys growing up.  I play with them almost every day and not a one of my toys ever goes lonely at any time.  I dont have any one favorite toy.  I love them all just the same.  Evertime I play it makes me feel euphoric.  I feel just like a child when I used to play!

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I too remember finding one but I do not know what happened to it. I have large parts of my child hood I can not remember.