Glass Double Up

Just last night, my lovely gf reached over with her wet-with-*****-juice fingers and told me to grab a toy and get it ready to **** her *****.

I reached over and found one of the glass ****** practically jumping out of the bag begging to be used.

I love this glass *****, although it is rather plain with only bulbs increasing in size from one end to the other of the clear glass.

Before she could fully take in the scene, I had buried the ***** deep into her wet *****. She went from almost ready to gasping with pleasure as it nearly disappeared within. I allowed her to ****** quickly before I twisted the ***** on its path in and out of her dripping ****. That quickly lead to yet another O that shook the bed.

And I bet it must have felt like an earthquake when I mounted her with my rock hard **** while the glass ***** was still deep inside. Not competing, but cooperating both hard object ****** her in a way neither she nor I had experienced.

I came deep inside way too fast and watched with delight as the glass ***** was covered in both of our juices as I retracted it after helping her to the last O of the night.

Wrapped up safely in a shirt, the glass ***** could only watch as we wrapped each other up in our arms and drifted off to sleep.


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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

thanks...we both had a for a real **** doubling up in her wet *****...