My Moms Vibrator

When i was about 15 i was looking through my mothers wardrobe to find some shoes that i could borrow.
I came across some boxes on the bottom right in the back corner.
I opened it curiously and was suprised to see a vibrator.
I knew what it was of course, kids know more than you'd think.
But i had never actually seen one before.
I sat on my mums bed just looking at it.
I wasn't sure what exactly to do.
Don't judge me...but i used it.
And it was amazing!
Anyway after i finished with it, i carried on looking for shoes and sat back on the bed to try some on.
My mom came in, i hadn't realised she had come home.
She saw the vibrator on her bed.
She asked if i had used it and i just sat there going bright red.
She just laughed and said i could use it whenever i wanted as long as i wash it after.
And so i did until my 16th birthday when she bought me my own.
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I think you should see some more collection at sex store like I am not sure what will you get but there will be lot of stuff for you :)

I like your story

I love this story

I love a brave woman!!!

This is so cool! I hope I'm the same way if I ever have a daughter lol

Thats funny

I done the same thing when I was young x

Ha ha, I used to sneak and use my mum's to, lol

Ewwww, she could have got you one straight away but high five to you mom for handling it so sensitively, mine would have bollocked me for rifling in her wardrobe and stealing her shoes lol :o)

Clean and healthy way to satisfy your sex thirst

Clean and healthy way to satisfy your sex thirst

My niece (19) recently stayed with me for a few days and she found my collection. I was very open with her and let her try them. She decided to buy her own.

mmm, nice story . thanx for sharing. xx

love storys of young exploration thanks for sharing

Awww nice i found my moms one and it was nice and long i used it then the next night i could hear her screaming so i gues she was after me ;)

Yes, i used it a lot!

pretty cool that your Mum was caring enough to realize you were old enough for this and let you act out naturally :)

Lucky u

awesome story!

I found my parents collection of sex toys and mags over the years. I used to take the mags and beat off to them. But never saw my parents actually on action.<br />
<br />
I suppose if I was female I would also have used their *****.

I found my parents toy box when I was younger. Can't say I ever used them. Great story though.

Very open minded mother!