Best Fun

I love my little anal vibrator with the 9 settings button. I put that beauty in my ***, then I can put my girl jeans on that are snug to the crotch to hold it in and go out in the world. I love the way I can sit in a restaurant, absentmindedly playing with my nipples, rolling forward on the bench seat to press the little button and turn on the vibrator up my *** on. I love the way I can walk through the grocery isle with my *** tingling, as the little vibrator running under my balls tickles and stimulates my crotch. I love the way it makes my **** so hard it sticks out the top of my waist band, popping out in full view of the women in the isle as I reach high on a shelf to get something and my T-shirt pulls up exposing my mid section in those lo-rise jeans with my **** sticking up so far it almost pops straight out as the buzz up my *** and under my balls intensify.

Just the other day, an elderly woman standing next to me, kept asking me if I could get things down for her. And when a sweet young thing offered to help, she said no I would rather he did it for me. When the sweety saw what was going on, she joined in. We had a great time getting things down from high places in the grocery isle. I wanted the sweetie, but her kid in the shopping basket had me accepting it was unlikely. The elderly lady did ask if maybe I could come to her place and put the things she was getting in the high cupboards she couldn't reach. Geeze I'm such a pervert, I told her I couldn't today but if she wanted I could come by later, and gave her my phone number. She said some of the other ladies in her seniors building might want to see how I do it and need my help also. How perverted I am. I'm going to go get my **** sucked and **** a woman old enough to be my grandmother if she calls.

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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

OOOOH,where can I get one of those vibrators?

I need to find a guy who wants to make me his sex toy! Been awhile since I had a guy like that!