Love Doing My Wife With My Strap On

I've found the perfect strap on for men to **** my wife with. The harness is specially made for guys, and the ***** i got is so life-like she says she loves it. And it's much bigger than I am.

My **** is kinda small so i searched and found this harness. Now i can **** her for hours and she moans, groans, and **** from my new ****. It's so erotic to me. I can finally please her deeply, like never before.

The first time we used it.., within 20 seconds i could tell she really liked it. She was holding her legs up and pulled them way back for me so i could penetrate her as deeply as possible.

Now we use it all the time. It stays in place with no problems. Completely hands free, and it actually feels like a part of me.
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Me too, my penis is about 4.5 and I never realized my wife loved "bigger" things until she threw away a very large and thick vibrator, she was enjoying it too much and got scared you would not like my little Well later on I replaced it with a bigger one with a **** sleeve attachment for the vibrator. One day my wife said, put that **** sleeve on you instead of the vibrator, with a little trim to trim off the extra matrerial, it fit like a glove! It made me thicker and about 7" long, she loved it! I loved it too, I could make love for hours w/o *******! I am a quick ejaculator too.

Fast forward, I later bought a realistic **** sleeve for me, one that you slide over your penis, never really fit good, it was hard to get on, etc. so I had an idea, I slide it over my **** sleeve and it fit like a charm, so needless to say my wife is real happy! It is thick like a coke bottle and life like, she loves it, and I love watching her get off on it, real turn on.

My erect penis is just barely four inches long and about the same girth as a roll of quarters, the strap on that I use to make love to my wife with is about 9 inches and as thick as her wrist. We both love it. Its probably the best investment I ever made. I dont waste time being ashamed of and worrying about my petite penis anymore, its not like I can grow another one right?

I agree, the best investment I ever made too. Mine is 6.5 inches. I'm thinking of getting something a little larger for her. Its the first one so I bought the one I thought she'd like and NOT be afraid of. She likes it so much more than my 4.5"

We're planning on using it tonight. Can't wait...haha

The first time I wore a strap on over my micro penis I was shocked. She had never reacted that way with me before nor any other either. I liked finally being able to please and to experience how nice the act can be. Her movements,reactions and o's were wonderful. Later upon going to sleep I realized just how inadequate my size was and how I never made a female react as such. Size did make a difference. I need it all the time too. We are amazed at the difference and how tiny I am in contrast to the prothesis of normal average length and girth. I am able to slip into it with ease.

Thing is JP..., you are the way you are. You can't change it, BUT you found The Only Solution there is to please her... Be glad you found it. I racked my brain for years trying to figure it out. Until one day I found the harness for guys.

The real reason I love our new toy is because it pleases her. I love hearing the oohh's and her moaning too. I've never been able to get that reaction before i got our toy. Now, I get it EVERY time. I love it.

And yes.., I love the fact that it's big and I can do her for as long as she wants me to. I hope it's brought you closer together. Mine has.